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From Census to Preschool

Working on the 2010 Census project has definitely been an adventure full of twists and turns. I think I mostly learned about people since I was working in a room full of 400 data entry operators. My team was made up of about 25 people, and we had a “sister team” of about 25 more people. We learned a great deal about each other since we spent so much time together.

The Census reached its height of production in mid-April, so the first round of layoffs began the beginning of May. I made it through, but  decided to check on the status of my preschool job that I thought was to begin the first of June. However, when I called the school, the daycare supervisor said she had a girl put in her notice and she would like me to start that next Monday, May 10th! I was in shock since that was only half a week away! I told her I had a trip home already planned, but could I start Tuesday the 11th? So, as it happened,  my last day at the Census was May 5th and my first day at Trinity Lutheran School was May 11th. What a fast switch!

I’m finding that I like my new job. I work in the 3-5 year old daycare class called Little Lambs. It is a 12 month permanent position with benefits. The kids are incredibly cute! Just yesterday one of the teachers asked a kid, “Could you draw me a picture?” The 3 year old boy replied, “I can’t really draw much of anything…just a small warthog.” As Stephen said when I told him the story, “Well, that is a small, but unique repertoire.”

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