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Weekend in Tucson

I’m a little late in posting, but last weekend Stephen decided we needed a little get-away. I was wanting to go to Flagstaff or Sedona, but apparently hotel prices are a bit high as they still had some snow up there. Instead, Stephen found a great deal for a beautiful hotel in Tucson.

We left after work and crashed in our hotel room around 8:30pm last Friday night. It was lovely to lay around the room, watch TV, soak in the tub, and run out for some late night snacks.

Our Saturday morning started out with a yummy breakfast, which we ate while looking at the rugged mountains of Tucson. One of the highest peaks still had a little snow on it.

Then we headed for the Pima Air and Space Museum where Stephen was in heaven! They had 5 hangars full of planes, jets, war memorabilia, and spacecraft.

In addition, there were acres of aircraft outside. We definitely got our daily quotient of vitamin D as Stephen gave me a personal tour.

Of course, to me, it looked like planes, jets, helicopters, and more planes, but Stephen could tell me the names, uses, time periods, etc. of most all of them. Impressive I must say! My favorite part was the B-17 bomber that was opened up so we could stick out heads inside and see where the tail gunner, waist gunners, bombardier, and ball turret operator would be.

In downtown Tucson, near the University of AZ, we found a fun little street with lots of lunch options. We chose an Indian cafe and tried their curry chicken. On our way back to Phoenix, we stopped at some outlets and did a little shopping. It was a quick trip, but a refreshing one!

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  1. Love your blog and thanks for appreciating Tucson (and not going to Flagstaff nor Sedona!) The next time you’re in Tucson, please check out a new and very different attraction, it’s the newest official attraction and by far the smallest. (The complete opposite of the Pima Air and Space Museum but also has a strong following.) It’s reminiscent of a time when the rich and famous entertained in the parlours of their home. It’s tiny with only 35 guests in an old world setting. Carnival of Illusion is one part magic, one part mystery, and one part OOOH La La! Please call us when you’re back in town, we’ll try to sneak you under the tent!!!

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