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Meanwhile Back on the Farm…

We had a fabulous visit with Pop-pop and Mom-mom this past week!  Pop-pop wasn’t feeling very well when we first arrived, but by the end of the visit he was more like his perky self–laughing and telling stories. He said it was the “Elisabethan Effect” that made him feel better. Mom-mom thought the doctor deserved some credit, but I’m with Pop-pop on his “Elisabethan Effect.”


Our week at the farm was filled with helping out where we could, listening to old farm stories and family history, touring the nearby farms and my cousin’s new house, playing Chinese Checkers and Dominoes, watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, and visiting with family.


2dec 232

Thank you for continuing to pray for Pop-pop. He may never again look like a prize fighter…wesleytheboxer

but I hope we have him for many more years!

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