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Still Searching

Day 23 in Phoenix.

Still searching for a job. Stephen had his third job interview today, and he has a fourth set up for October 7th. Since we didn’t hear back from the first two interviews, we’re assuming he didn’t get those jobs.  We won’t know anything about this third job until about two weeks from now.  Job hunting is definitely a waiting game. I am thankful for each interview he gets, but the waiting game has been a bit discouraging. He has worked so hard applying for jobs, scouring the internet, and refining his resume and cover letter.  I am so glad that God is in control and knows which job is the perfect fit for Stephen. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my own search for an administrative assistant/receptionist job. So far, I haven’t had any interviews, but the experience of resume writing and applying for jobs in the secular arena has been very instructive.  I’ve also learned to have more understanding for those between jobs.

Still seeking to depend on God. Each day I have to refocus my thoughts and emotions to be content with the stage God has for us at this time and to realize that He is more than enough. There is nothing that I need beside Him. I don’t need a job, Stephen doesn’t need a job, I don’t need to shop for new clothes, we don’t need to eat out once a week, we don’t need to explore all the cool Phoenix attractions right now, and the list goes on and on.

Still searching for creative ways to mix and match my wardrobe. Since I have a limited supply of summer clothes and since I don’t have the luxury of shopping, I’ve resorted to trying new combinations with my clothes in order to ward off fashion boredom. Okay, so I’m not doing anything major here, just trying new things as they come to me. It’s  good practice in creativity! I’ve also found that this “boycott” on shopping has forced me to use up all the extra cosmetics I’ve accumulated.  Did you know it takes a long time to use up eye shadow? My extra lip glosses, lotions, and hair products are coming in handy.

Still searching for the Great Value brand in Walmart. Grocery shopping has not been unaffected by our unemployed status either. We recently subscribed to E-Mealz for $1.25 a week in exchange for 5 meal plans a week and a detailed grocery list organized according to store and according to grocery section. We chose the Walmart plan for two. The two meals we’ve had so far have been super easy and yummy too! The shopping lists are convenient since all similar items are grouped together, the price is listed and the brand as well. I love having someone else do all the work for me!

Still seeking to learn all the lessons God intends through this time.  He is so good! While this is by no means a trial in our lives, Jim Berg’s book When Trouble Comes has been a huge encouragement to me. Our ladies Bible study worked through this book, and I was able to join them for the last session.  I read the entire book and have been going through the study guide. The four major points of the book are: 1. The greatest danger is always the flesh. 2. The gospel is always the answer. 3. God’s glory is always the goal. 4. God Himself is always enough. These four truths are simple, but they are so hard to apply when trouble comes or when prosperity comes.

This is a great time in our lives! We are so happy to be in Phoenix serving at Crossroad and learning these lessons!

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