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Moving 101

Compared to those of you who are marathon movers, I’m merely in the training stages.aug 035 Our friends, Kevin and Kimberly, are two such marathon movers considering they’ve moved about 9 or 10 times in the past 10 years. Plews croppedThey graciously donated all of their boxes and packing materials to us. What a blessing and what perfect timing!image096

Since I’ve never had to pack up an entire house before, I’ve been learning as I go. Here are just a few things I’ve learned.
1. Label, Label, Label
I started out labeling the top of the box and one or two of the sides. However, when you start stacking boxes, not only can you no longer see the top, but you also may not be able to see one of the labeled sides. image095 It’s a pain to have to “unstack” boxes in order to know what’s inside. Now I make sure to label the top and all 4 sides.
2. Details are Everything
The top of the box is where I list in great detail what is inside. I’m a detail fanatic, but I think it will come in handy. sept 001You never know when it might be important to find the box with the bundt pan inside! 🙂 When I first started, I thought I was pretty detailed until I had to find my white tablecloths for David and Tammy’s wedding reception. After unnecessarily opening about ten boxes, I found both of them. Now both boxes are correctly labeled to include the tablecloths!
3. Prioritize
This one I learned from Stephen. Since we don’t yet know where we’ll be living in Phoenix (I think this overpass might be a good possibility. phoenix overpassIt already has some beautiful desert landscaping), we need to decide which boxes we can store for a while, which ones would be nice to have for the first month, and which ones we need immediate access to as soon as we’re in Arizona. So, all our #3 boxes are things that we can live without for months on end, #2 boxes are more needful items like kitchen things, and #1 boxes are our clothing, bedding and towel boxes. sept 002Of course the number is clearly marked on the top and all four sides of the box per rule #1. I’m learning that most of my stuff I can live without for months on end. (By the way, we do have a house-sitting opportunity for the first three weeks that we think will work out. Hopefully we can find an apartment after three weeks.)
4. Wardrobe boxes make great portable closets.

aug 021Now this shows that I’m a rookie mover since I had never heard of these boxes before. What a great idea to have a box with a rod across the top to transport clothing in! sept 003These boxes will literally be our closets when we first arrive in our new metropolis.

I’m sure I’ll have more tips I can add to my list later. We’re picking up our Penske truck this Saturday and loading it on Monday. aug 031If any Hoosiers are available, we’d love to have your help. You’d be laboring on Labor Day! How appropriate.

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