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Life Update

Hello everyone! Us squareApologies to anyone who has been checking our blog over the past six months. It’s been way too long since we’ve updated it.

We’ve begun some major life changes in the last few months, so we’re planning to keep more current to let everyone know what we’re up to.

I think most of our friends are already aware, but back in January we let the administration here in Anderson know that we won’t be returning for another school year. We’ve been really blessed by the opportunity to minister at Grace Baptist Church and Indiana Christian Academy for the past three years, but we feel God’s leading to move on. In a future post I’ll share more of how God has directed our steps during our time here.

Our burden is to head out West to be part of a new church plant or perhaps a small but more established work. We just returned from the National Church Planting Conference at Grace Church of Mentor, OH on Friday, and if anything our burden and desire to take this step is much stronger than before.misc 068square

We had opportunity to meet at least 10 different church planters from all over the country and talk about their burden for ministry. Our hearts were stirred by the preaching and the spirit of the conference as we learned about the deep need for faithful Gospel-centered churches in many parts of the country, we were encouraged to see the passion for Biblical ministry that was so evident in the church planters we met.

Even though the conference is primarily geared toward ministering to church planters and facilitating their networking efforts, I don’t know of a better place for someone with the same burden for lay ministry in a church plant to get information on how to take the next step. It was just incredible to see how the Lord used the few days we were there to give us direction as we seek a specific place of ministry. If anything, we now know of so many ministries that we would love to be a part of that it will be difficult to narrow it down to just one!

We are planning to take a survey trip to Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada next month to visit some of the ministries we’ve learned about. We’ll make sure to add more updates as the process develops. Please pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will for our next step!

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