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E as in Elephant

Okay, so a little old lady asked me to find her a ride to our church Labor Day Picnic. I found someone who was planning to come to the picnic and who was happy to give the lady a ride. So, I called the elderly lady to tell her the phone number and name of the person picking her up. It went something like this: (names and numbers have been changed to protect the innocent)

Me: “Okay, her number is 1,2,3”
Lady: “1,2,3”
Me: “4,5,6,7”
Lady: “4,5,6,7”
Me: “And her name is Linda Sheplock.”
(I spelled the first name for her and then proceeded to spell the last name.)
Me: “S-H-E”
Lady: “S-H”
Me: “E-P-L”
Lady: “P-L”
Me: “No, there’s an E in there.”
Lady: “What?”
Me: “E as in …………… the letter E. S-H-E.”
Lady: “S-H”
Me: “No, it’s S-H-E-P-L”
Lady: “S-H-P”
Lady: “S-H”
Me: “S-H-E as in egg.”
Lady: “S-H-A”
Me: “No, EEEEE as in elephant.”
Lady: “S-H”
Me: “No, it’s EEEEEEEEEEEEE as in eel.”
Lady: “S-H-E-P”

Yay! She finally got it! I must have been saying my EEEEE at a tone she couldn’t hear. It was one of the most hilarious conversations I’ve had in the office. I love my job!

Actually, I do love my job. I don’t miss teaching 6th grade at all. My Computer 1 students are wonderful, and I like being able to teach one class and then spending the rest of the day in the office. God is so good!

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  1. that is funny, elisabeth. i’m glad you finally got your message across. next time you should just call mrs. sheplock yourself. đŸ™‚

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