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Moving Day

What a whirlwind! After we signed the lease for Charis’ apartment, we went to the City Building to have the water transferred to her name, and we called the gas and electric company to do the same. Then we headed back to Anderson so we could pack up her belongings Tuesday night. Again, the Lord provided for our needs. A man in our church let us borrow his 15-passenger van that had no bench seats in it to use as a moving van. It was perfect!

Since it was late and the storage garage had no lights, we packed by the light from our car’s headlights. Stephen, Charis, and I loaded up her double bed, dresser with a mirror, table with four chairs, bookcase, entertainment center and lots of little items. We were one sweaty and weary crew!

Wednesday morning, Charis loaded up her blazer with the remainder of her things, and we headed for Plymouth! Even in the midst of new, scary, or unknown situations Charis has not lost her sense of humor. She constantly makes me laugh! On our drives to and from Plymouth, I enjoyed talking with her and finding out the person she has become. I really have not spent much one-on-one time with her in three years.

Before stopping at the apartment, we ran to Wal-mart to buy some cleaning supplies. Since her landlord allowed her to move in right away, the apartment had not yet been cleaned. Although, it had not been inhabited for a year, it was really in good shape. I deodorized and cleaned some of the carpet, and then Stephen arrived with the furniture. Thankfully, Charis’ pastor and administrator came over to help unload the furniture.

It was so much fun to set up her home! Charis scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, did a load of dishes in her new dishwasher, cleaned the fridge, and installed shelf paper in the cupboards. Stephen rearranged furniture, hung pictures on the wall, taught Charis about her intercom, thermostat, and water heater, washed dishes, and rigged up her TV so she could watch DVDS. There was lots to do! I kept busy by unpacking all her clothes and decorations, scrubbing the sinks, toilet, and shower, making her bed, and washing blinds.

Wal-mart is our best friend. We made another trip–this time for groceries and household supplies. Then we ordered a pizza and watched an Andy Griffith DVD to celebrate the day! It was hard to leave her there that night. But, the more I was in her apartment, the safer I felt and the more I liked where she is living. I think this apartment is even better than the one that fell through. Isn’t our God good?

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