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End of the School Year

Yay! I love the sound of those words! School keeps us so busy that, as you can see, our blog is sadly forsaken. Our schedules have changed now in that I will be starting as full-time church secretary at Grace Baptist this coming Monday. I’m a little sad about not teaching next fall, but I am excited to have more time for Stephen and for service. The Lord truly provided this opportunity, and we are excited to see what good things God has waiting for us! Stephen is currently working at the school as Network Administrator. He plans to continue teaching science and math at ICA this fall.

Stephen was assigned to be the 8th grade sponsor (even though he doesn’t even teach the 8th grade) which meant that he was to organize the 8th grade trip and the 8th grade promotion. Both he and I were able to travel with the class to Chicago where we visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, and Navy Pier. The aquarium was by far the best! I loved the Amazon Rain Forest animals. The Poison Dart Frogs, freshwater sting rays, and electric eels were cool! The best part was the oceanarium where we enjoyed a dolphin show. The dolphin’s tricks were super, but I liked seeing how they were trained. On the way home, poor Stephen had to endure 4 hours of 8th grade guys finding new ways to entertain themselves with flashing blue light-up toys. Oh, the “joys” of 8th grade!

At Shedd Aquarium

The 8th grade promotion was thrown together at the last minute, but I thought it was fabulous. Stephen was the game show host for “Family Feud” which a select few of the students played with their parents. Then the class officers gave a gag gift to each of their classmates, something that was representative for each of their personalities. One of the guys, who received a silly hat to go along with his random personality, decided that it would be a good idea to continue wearing the hat even while the class sang “Come Thou Fount.” Oh well, at least it was just the 8th grade promotion! For the reception, we served fruit kabobs, cake, punch in a punch fountain, and chocolate fountain treats. The fellowship hall was decorated in a beach theme. What fun!

Amy Jo graduated on May 16th. The entire family was together for the first time in a year and a half. Jon came from Camp Lejeune, NC. David came from the Wilds in NC and brought his girlfriend, Tammy. It was great to have the guys home and to meet Tammy for the first time. Amy’s open house was the next day. We had a great time “open-house-hopping” and nibbling all day. Amy plans to attend BJU this fall.

Amy at the graduation
The whole family at Amy\'s graduation

Our last day of school was Friday, May 23rd. The next day we headed down to Brown County State Park for the annual Moody Family Reunion. I love that park! It reminds me of WV with the rolling hills and forests. The day was gorgeous! I didn’t know most of the people at the reunion, but we had fun anyway. Stephen’s Uncle Tim finished editing our wedding video, so we were excited to get that! Stephen, Tim, Ben, and I headed off on a hike to Ogle Lake. I miss hiking! There aren’t many places to hike around Anderson. In my opinion, you have to climb some kind of hill in order for it to qualify as a hike. Maybe that comes from my WV roots. 🙂 After the reunion Stephen and I shopped at the outlets in Edinburgh where we found some incredible deals! Several stores had a 50% off sale on their entire store!

The Family
Us at Ogle Lake

For Memorial Day, Stephen and I found his Grandpa Moody’s grave in Indianapolis. They were handing out flags, so we put one on his grave since he had served in the military.

We’re off to a great start for our summer! God is so good to us all of the time!

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