Boy do I feel dumb . . .

Earlier this evening I went down to Fry’s Electronics (awesome, but really geeky mega-electronics store) in Fishers to spend a gift card my parents got me for my birthday. I ended up buying a pretty decent set of network cabling tools, which I’d been wanting, and also a few miscellaneous things we needed for the school technology project.

Well, I went ahead and had the cashier process the school items and my personal items separately, and paid with my debit card. I completely forgot about the gift card, which was my whole reason for going in the first place!

I’m hoping if I take the gift card back with my receipt they’ll refund me the amount on the card. If not, I guess it would certainly make a good excuse to go back there and do some more shopping. 🙂

It took me a while to realize what had happened–in fact, I was all the way back to Anderson before it occurred to me. When I told Elisabeth, she said that she’s just thankful to longer be the only one with “blond moments.”

I’m sure none of my friends has ever done anything that dumb, right?

1 thought on “Boy do I feel dumb . . .

  1. Actually, I did that at Menard’s the other day. A gift card that I’ve been carrying in my wallet for over a year, waiting for that one item I might need from Menard’s…

    Another one from Wal-Mart that I keep forgetting to spend every time I’m there.

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