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Vacation: Day 7 (Lazy Desert Day)

This was our day to do nothing, or….almost nothing. We slept in this morning after the exciting events of yesterday! We helped Tara by straightening up a little for her sister’s visit, and then left for the Wright’s house since the power had been restored. It was nice to relax and take it slower today. I wanted to take Stephen to a Hawaiian restaurant that Tara and I discovered last year. The food was yummy!

I’ve noticed that several places in St. George have sprinklers that spray water outside their entrances to help beat the heat of the desert sun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, but it does help lower the temperature a little. The water evaporates so quickly out here!

Next we went to the Blue Bunny ice cream parlor for dessert. Their portions are HUGE! I think Blue Bunny is the largest ice cream parlor I’ve been to.

The coolest ice cream parlor in downtown St. George.

Rocky Road and Mocha Almond Fudge — yum!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon hanging out at the Wrights until it was time to meet my friend, Virginia, for supper. Virginia took me under her wing as her “adopted daughter” when I lived out here last year. We ate at Ruby River and had a good time catching up and visiting.

My dear friend, Virginia.

Along Turtle Road. What incredible scenery is right at your fingertips in St. George!

The Dixie Rock stands on the bluff overlooking the city. St. George is known as “Utah’s Dixie” since it’s in the southern part of the state, and cotton was once grown in the nearby area.

Me and my St. George. The large white building behind me is the Mormon Temple. It is the center of the city, and all the roads are numbered in relationship to it.

Back at the Wrights we watched TV and some movies, swam in the pool under the stars, and soaked in the hot tub. What a life!

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