Vacation: Day 3 (Pt. 2: Visiting)

Yay! St. George, Utah again! 🙂 We ate supper at the Pizza Factory “ a super fun restaurant that ‘ve missed since being in Indiana. Their breadsticks and salad are fantastic! Then, we headed for Westside Baptist Church. We joined right in with their “Camp Turned Around” VBS.

The auditorium of Westside Baptist Church was transformed into a camping wilderness.

The kids put on a mini program demonstrating what they learned throughout the week. The best one was when a kid introduced himself as Mephibosheth and then promptly forgot all his lines. When he finally said his part, he told us how he couldn’t walk and then proceeded to bound off the stage. It was cute!

Afterward we had a fellowship and refreshment time in the gym. It was wonderful to see everyone again! I talked with my former students, and we had a great time catching up and reminiscing. I have really missed all my St. George friends. We’re staying with Pastor Greg Wright, his wife Merri Ellen, and their 4 kids. So we followed them to their beautiful new house north of town and spent some time visiting with their family.

Brittany Wright, my friend and former student.

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