Quick update

I guess I haven’t posted since before spring break. Wow. It didn’t seem that long. These past two months have sped by incredibly fast. I don’t have time to remedy that just yet, but hopefully one of us will be able to post an update on our lives soon.

I just got back from going down to Greenville, S.C. for David’s graduation. We left Friday morning and got back late Saturday night. Talk about a whirlwind trip! I’m not as tired as I could be though.

This week looks like another hectic one. Right now I’m finishing up writing three tests for tomorrow: Precalc, Calculus, and Physics. The seniors leave for their senior trip Wednesday, so I have to get in one last bit of torture before they go. 🙂

Fortunately for all of the rest of us, in less than three weeks the school year will be over. It’s hard to believe the summer is almost here, especially since back in my college days the semester would be over already.

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