Christmas Break

Christmas break has been great so far. We’ve been able to get plenty of the rest we needed, but have also been able to get a lot done. Christmas shopping was time-consuming, but nevertheless went really well. We got some really good presents (I think) without spending a ton of money, and I’m looking forward to giving them.

We’ve also gotten to spend a lot of time with my family this break, which is great since this is likely to be the last Christmas we’ll all be home for quite some time (due to David’s moving to Australia, Jon’s various deployments, etc). Thursday night we had the whole family over for a party and had a great time eating and playing games together. Tonight (Christmas Eve) we came over after the short evening service at church and ate and played games together again. Tomorrow Elisabeth and I will spend the morning together at our place and then head over to Mom and Dad’s to exchange gifts and have Christmas dinner. Midafternoon we’ll hopefully be heading to W.V. We won’t be staying there very long, since the day after we’ll head to Maryland with the family to visit with a bunch of Elisabeth’s relatives that live there. We’re planning to come back on New Year’s Eve, hopefully in plenty of time for Jon to take the truck back down to N.C. We’re really hoping that the right car will have come along by then. The Lord’s provision so far has been amazing though, so I’m sure He’ll provide the right vehicle in his time.

I’d better sign off. We’ve got some packing, cooking, and various other Christmas preparations to make back at home.

Merry Christmas!

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