Quick trip to WV

I got back to SC late last night (actually about 2:30am). Elisabeth and I had a great time together in WV.

I arrived there late Friday evening. The drive went pretty well except for getting stuck in Charlotte traffic for about an hour on the way. It was a bad idea to drive through Charlotte on a Friday afternoon, but I eventually made it through.

Saturday we were able to take care of several details for the wedding, and got all of her belongings loaded up on my truck to take back to SC. We went to church together yesterday, and I got some rest in the afternoon before heading out. Before I left we spent a while covering everything with tarp since it was supposed to rain.

It was a good thing we did–it rained nearly the entire way back. Fortunately I beat the rain back to Easley, so it took me about half an hour to unload the truck and haul a bunch of boxes, a trunk, and three barrels upstairs to my apartment. Now I know what a sherpa feels like. šŸ™‚ Anyway, about an hour after I got everything in it started pouring, and kept going all night. I think it’s still raining pretty hard as I write this, so I’m glad I got everything in when I did.

There’s a lot more I could write, but I need to get off to school, so I’ll close. I’m hoping to post more frequently this week than I have been recently, but between research and thesis writing I have a lot going on, so we’ll have to see.

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