New anti-spam tool

A company called “Blue Security”: has an intriguing new anti spam concept. It’s intended to provide active spam prevention rather than the passive blocking schemes I’ve usually seen. The idea is that they use their large (400k+) user base to identify spam and issue complaints to the originating sites, with their software automating the process. It seems like a pretty good idea, and a good way to fight back at spammers. The catch is that in order to work it relies on pressuring the spammers to removing their users from their mailing list. They’ve already been paid just about the highest compliment possible when on multiple occasions various spammers have tried to take down their site.

I’ve been pretty satisfied lately with the spam filter on my Gmail account (through which all of my incoming mail passes) so I don’t have a huge spam problem, but I’m planning to give Blue Security’s software a try too.

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