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Vast theocon conspiracy?

Right now I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting to board my flight back to SC. The trip to Utah was great and Elisabeth and I had a great time together and got quite a few of the wedding planning details figured out while I was there. I just came across “This”: excellent article regarding our culture’s double standard regarding political activism by religious people (Christians in particular).

As one of the so-called “theocons” myself, I find it obvious that the sinister motives ascribed to the Christian right by certain leftists are completely unfounded, so it’s certainly alarming to see such misguided sentiments uncritically accepted by large segments of society. Certainly if religious opinions in public discourse are marginalized simply because they’re held by religious people and if devout believers are _de facto_ prohibited from public office I don’t see how the few meagre shreds of morality still holding the nation together can possibly survive.

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