Cooper Reads~kindergarten

Brynn’s Personality~2 1/2 yrs

Boys with OMSI’s Van de Graaff Generator~7 & 5 yrs


Red-Eyed Tree Frog Report~Silas~Kindergarten

Tractor Ride with Uncle Matthew~2017

Chicken House Tour with Uncle Calvin~2017

I Can Say My Name!~Cooper~3 1/2 Years

Using a Fork~Brynn~14 Months

Riding a Two-Wheeler~Silas~5 Years

Learning the Stairs~Brynn~13 Months

1st Birthday Cupcake~Brynn~1 Year

Walking~Brynn~11 Months

Mother’s Day Love~Cooper~3 Years

Lego B-17~Silas~5 Years

Sing & Spell~Cooper~3 Years

Waving~Brynn~8 Months

Eating WarHead Candy for the First Time~Silas~5 Years

Reading to Brynn~Cooper~3 Years

Army Crawl~Brynn~8 Months

Kicks & Motorboat Mouth~Brynn~8 Months

Advent Song~Christmas 2015

Learning to Read~Silas~4 1/2

Chatting with Brynn~3 Months

Sister Announcement~Brynn~18weeks pregnant

Serenade~Silas~3 Years 11 Months

Silas Sings with Grandpa~3 Years 7 Months

Cooper’s Words~18 Months

Super Cooper~10 Months

Walking~Cooper~10 Months

“I See the Moon”~Silas~2 Years 10 Months

Pulling Up~Cooper~8 Months

Crawling on All Fours~Cooper~8 Months

Army Crawl~Cooper~7 Months

Giggles~Cooper~6 Months

Oh My Goodness!~Silas~29 Months

Rolling Over~Cooper~14 weeks

Singing~Silas~27 Months

Merry-Go-Round Aftermath~Silas~27 Months

Animal Sounds, Etc.~22 Months

Baby Talk and Body Parts~19 Months

Walking Practice~nearly 11 Months

First Steps~10 Months

Eating Cheerios~8 Months

Meeting Great Grandma Moody~7 Months

Army Crawl (aka Inchworm)~7 Months

Happy Squeals~4 Months

Vocal Exercises~4 Months

Rolling Over~12 Weeks

Falling Asleep Faces~2 Months

Nursery Tour~2 Months

Sneeze & Yawn~3 Days


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  1. The video’s were just great. There were some I didn’t see before ,but the ones I did see before I still enjoyed seeing them again.

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